Breakthrough Basketball Zero Seconds Skills & Decision Training Camp

Date(s): 07/28/2020 - 07/30/2020

Event Type: Camp

We're pleased to announce that we have arranged for Jamal Edwards to come to Tucson, Arizona to run a 3-day skill development camp for high school and middle school players. Coach Edwards has developed a very effective method to develop players and improve their decision making.

We have chosen this camp and Jamal Edwards because of his quality training methods and ability to get results. More than other traditional camps, this camp will provide you with the drills and skills to continue your development beyond your time at camp. Zero Seconds Decision Training drills will be used to build the ideal camp learning environment. You will learn by doing. We will teach you to consistently and deliberately work to improve your performance.

In this camp you will improve your overall skills like ball handling and shooting -- however a big emphasis of the camp will be "decision making"... Players will learn when to pass, when to shoot, when to dribble, when to drive, angles to take, how to be more aggressive, and more.

Boys and Girls ages 12-18

Investment: $245
Download: Flyer

Contact: Kara
Phone: 866-846-7892

Location: Sporting Chance Center
2100 W Curtis Rd, Tucson AZ 85705

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