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Investment: Annual Fee - $185; Monthly Tuition - $45

FireHeart Basketball School is an on-going not-for-profit “school” to teach youth about life through basketball and to teach basketball skills to young players. The primary operating facet of FireHeart will be our ongoing basketball skills instruction and competition club basketball team. We aim to make better players, students, people, and citizens through the game of basketball. FireHeart is not just a place to learn how to become a better basketball player- it is a school designed to use basketball as a vehicle to teach about life. With FireHeart, basketball serves as a microcosm for life. Above all else, basketball will be used to teach about character. This will be evident in our teams’ social service programs and academic readiness programs. Players who sign up to become a part of FireHeart can expect to take part in service learning projects and “field trips” in conjunction with their basketball skills development. Eventually, FireHeart aims to establish scholarships for FireHeart players to attend colleges and universities that they apply for and are accepted to. Monthly dues to the school will go to pay for our operating costs and fees for privileges and services incurred by the club. Once enough capital is established, we aim to dedicate a significant portion of our income to social service learning opportunities and charitable causes.

Players who are enrolled in the school are automatically placed on the Arizona FireHearts Basketball Team- a competitive skill building club basketball team for all ages. Basketball will serve as a “fun” microcosm for the lessons that can be learned throughout life. Reward through hard work, earning achievement, teamwork, hustle, fair play, overcoming adversity, never giving up, cooperation, and learning “grit” are all themes that will very much be present on a daily basis at practice and in games. Additionally, from a basketball and athletic standpoint, players will be taught to be competitive but learn to keep competition within themselves- learning how to always aspire to get better, regardless of the score on the scoreboard or the ability of another player. Everyone most certainly will NOT get a trophy… But everyone will learn, have fun, and become a better person, student, and basketball player… IF they work hard. While prior experience, natural athletic ability, and physical gifts certainly can help a player; those attributes are not necessary to be successful. All that is required is a desire to learn the game, improve, and have “fire” in one’s “heart” for the game of basketball and competitive greatness in life. FireHeart Basketball School is indeed a SCHOOL. Participants come to learn within the context of basketball. The subjects are basketball, character building, and physical fitness. Every practice will continually teach individual and team basketball skills that can be applied in games and character-building life skills that can be applied in life.

What is the Arizona FireHeart Club Basketball Team?

The Arizona FireHearts Basketball Team is a club team that has only FireHeart Basketball student-athletes participating. FireHeart Basketball School will prepare students for competition as a member of our basketball club team. Club team competition will be optional and players wishing to participate need to only let the coaching staff know that they wish to do so. At that point, the coaching staff will identify local leagues and tournaments that we can participate in. The fee for participating in these leagues and tournaments will vary depending upon the cost each organization charges us to participate. This will be optional and “pay as you play” in nature. FireHeart will not charge a handling fee for registering participants in leagues and tournaments. Only the actual cost of the league/tournament will be passed on to players and their families. Students do not have to participate on the club team and play in leagues/tournaments in order to enroll in the basketball school. We do ask that anyone wanting to participate on the club team be enrolled in the basketball school… This will help us practice together as a team and be prepared for competition.

FireHeart Basketball Quick Facts

  • We are the only club program in Southern Arizona (and one of only three in the entire state) certified/licensed by USA Basketball (this is the same USA Basketball organization that you see play in the olympics and in other national and international competitions with elite level players. The men’s national team has been coached by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and is managed by former Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo). The biggest way we are connected to USA basketball is through the curriculum we use to instruct and the resources we can use to coach. Being affiliated with USA Basketball will provide our program with resources that other clubs and youth sports organizations do not have access to. Many of these resources will be able to be accessed by you and your children at home via website.
  • The basketball school, club team, and coaches are fully insured. Furthermore, all participants are required to show proof of personal medical insurance. (Many club teams and coaches do not carry insurance).
  • We focus on developing players, not just finding talented kids and rolling out the ball for them. Our goal is to teach and build talent over time- not to merely find the already talented players and use them to win games. Furthermore, we want to inspire our kids to enjoy and appreciate the game of basketball as they grow and want to keep playing.
  • The head coach and founder of the school, Christopher R. Jackson, has two master’s degrees in education and has been a school teacher/coach/administrator for almost 20 years in pre-k, kinder, 1st-12th grades, and college.
  • We will only use state-of-the-art equipment, gear, and facilities. Proper use of equipment will be embedded in instruction.
  • Character, heart, self-control, sportsmanship, listening & learning skills, and a desire to always get better will be stressed above all else… Of course, this will be taught through FUN activity.
  • Instruction will ALWAYS be done with a coach’s mindset and a parent’s heart, because that is who the head coach and founder of FireHeart is- a parent and a coach. We understand the importance of being both and how they complement one another.

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