J.A.B. Step Basketball Training Camp at the J

Date(s): 07/30/2023 - 08/02/2023

Event Type: Training

J.A.B. Step Basketball is a premier training company run by former NBA player Joe Alexander, and NBA performance trainer Barak Swarttz. We operate private training lessons, camps, clinics, zoom sessions, personalized development programs, and a host of digital content courses.

In addition to being elite basketball development trainers, we are both American-Israeli Jewish players who immigrated to Israel from our homes in America (Maryland - Joe, and Boston - Barak). While living in Israel, we both participated heavily in the Israeli Professional Basketball League; Joe as a player for 7 years, and Barak as a head performance trainer for 4 years.

As part of our summer camp programs, we incorporate information about making the step from the American basketball world to the Israeli basketball world. This Jewish - American Basketball step has served us both tremendously in our basketball careers, and so we wish to instruct others on how they too can embark on that journey.

As trainers, we bring to you the same expertise that we offer to the elite pro players. Joe being a 15 year pro himself who has played in 14 different global leagues, is nothing short of a basketball performance encyclopedia. Barak as a current head performance trainer for a pro team made up of former NBA players and elite European pros, brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge.

Boys and girls ages 9-17

Investment: $410.00
Website: JABStepBasketball.com
Download: NA

Contact: Barak Swarttz
Email: bswarttz@gmail.com
Phone: 240-307-2029

Location: Tucson Jewish Community Center
3800 E River Rd, Tucson AZ 85718

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