Tucson JCC Middle School Elite Group Training


Debbie Claggett

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Tucson Jewish Community Center

Ages 11-14.
Boys and Girls

Investment: $275 members/$360 guests
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The J Basketball Academy Elite Group Training is for the budding athlete who is serious about basketball and wants to learn the skills to be a consistent top performer on their school and/or club team.

Teams work on plays most of the time and don’t have the time to drill down to the basic skills needed to really stand out, so that’s where this training comes in.

This is not for beginners…players are expected to have good working knowledge of basketball skills and the desire to work hard to take their existing ability to the next level. This intensive, 3-day-a-week training will also work on strength, speed, and conditioning to get players into the best basketball shape they can achieve.

These classes are taught by Kelan Williams, former college and professional basketball player and high school varsity coach. Coach Williams’ philosophy is that not everyone responds to the same methods, and nothing is set in stone…he adjusts his teaching style to each player, which is why small group training is his forte. He is meticulous when it comes to details, and believes that any player’s game has to constantly be evolving. Getting good at a skill isn’t enough, there is always room to keep getting better. As a player who worked both ends of the floor, Coach William’s sees the importance in both defense and offense and teaching the skills necessary to excel as an all-around player.

Monthly sessions beginning in April include 3 weekly training days – Tues, Thurs & Fri from 4-5pm (Dec session only 2 weeks long)

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