Players Wanted for Bobcat Basketball Team


The Bobcats are starting a new team of all younger players. I am looking for 1st and 2nd grade players, who are looking for quality fundamental basketball coaching.

This is for the long term I am planning this team to be a 6-7 year team. There are no team fees to play on this team, the only fees are league, tournament, gym rental and equipment fees. I am looking to get players that want to play and get better as individuals as well as the team getting better.

I have been coaching for 26 years and this will be the fourth team that I have coached. I am an individual not a club team I coach one team at a time and as the players move up in age we move up together. I have competed in leagues and tournaments against ” club teams ” that charge monthly fees just to be on them and have consistently beaten them, while not charging unneeded fees just to be on the team. I have never taken any money for coaching a team.

I encourage players on my teams to play other sports and to do other activities while playing on the Bobcats. So if you have a boy or girl who loves to play basketball and you as a parent want them to get a great coaching and teammate experience please contact me at 520-850-8602 or

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