About TucsonHoops

NOTE:  TucsonHoops.com is an informational website that provides a service to local youth basketball coaches and organizations to announce their camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments. The information provided on posted camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments is provided by the coach or organization’s point of contact who submitted the information. If you have questions about a posted event contact that coach or organization for more information.

TucsonHoops.com is not a basketball team.

Who is responsible for this website?

Hi, my name is Michael Erickson and I am both an Arizona REALTOR® and  business coach here in Tucson, AZ.

Several years ago I found it difficult to find information on local clubs, camps, clinics, leagues, and anything else to help my daughter improve and grow in her game. Shortly after the 2009-2010 high school basketball season (my daughter’s last high school season), I started TucsonHoops.com.

It has been my passion to provide the type of information I couldn’t find before to Tucson, Arizona youth basketball student-athletes, coaches and parents. This website has become the trusted resource for all of Tucson to go to learn more about where local youth basketball events are taking place.

Send me your thoughts and ideas and if there is anything I can do through my skills as a web developer and Internet marketing services provider please let me know.

Kind Regards,
Michael Erickson